Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are Airport Kiosks Safe?

Bob Sullivan writes on the MSNBC "Red Tape Chronicles" Blog:

Airline travelers may want to think twice about swiping their credit cards at airport self-service check-in kiosks following the possible theft of credit card account numbers from the kiosks at Canada's largest airport in Toronto.

One Canadian airline, WestJet, already has suspended use of credit cards for check-in at the Toronto kiosks in the wake of the investigation by Visa and MasterCard, which was revealed last week. Fliers can still use the machines, but now must use other methods – by swiping frequent flier cards, entering confirmation codes or using their passports.

About 31 million passengers fly through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport every year, making the potential haul for credit card thieves able to access data entered into the 150 check-in kiosks enormous. But a possible kiosk-related heist raises questions about the security of the self-service machines at other airports, which are used by millions of travelers every day in the U.S and elsewhere.

It's still unclear how thieves could have stolen credit card numbers from the kiosks. A Canadian government report is expected later this week.

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