Thursday, July 31, 2008

China Lashes Out at U.S. - Says Internet Curbs Will Stay

An AFP newswire article, via The Mail & Guardian, reports that:

Olympic host China lashed out on Thursday at the United States for interfering in its affairs and insisted it would maintain restrictions on internet use by reporters covering the Games.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry criticised a White House meeting with leading Chinese dissidents and called some American lawmakers "odious".

"We express strong discontent and firm opposition to this," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Jianchao said about US President George Bush's encounter this week with dissidents.

"The US side has rudely interfered in China's internal affairs and sent a seriously wrong message to hostile anti-China forces," he said in a statement posted on the ministry's website on Wednesday.

In a separate statement on Thursday, Liu hit out at a resolution by the US Congress that urged Beijing to improve its human rights and stop repression of ethnic minorities.

Liu said the resolution passed on Wednesday was an attempt to politicise the Olympics in Beijing and urged Washington to curb the "odious conduct" of anti-Chinese legislators.

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