Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fed E-Records Reform Bill Faces Resistance From White House - UPDATE

Ben Bain writes on FCW.com:

The National Archives and Records Administration hasn't been sufficiently overseeing agencies’ records management programs, according to government auditors. Meanwhile, a bill that would revamp federal records laws to focus on electronic messages and expand NARA’s oversight powers faces resistance from the Bush administration.

The House is expected on July 9 to consider legislation that would create mandatory minimum requirements for electronic records management systems to be used by federal agencies and require agencies to preserve electronic communications in an electronic format. The measure would also have NARA set standards for the management of presidential records, including specific standards for managing electronic messages.

More here.

UPDATE: 16:43 PDT, 10 July 2008: The House approved this measure today by a vote of 286-137. Details here. -ferg


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