Thursday, July 10, 2008

Former Hannaford CIO: Avoid Microsoft and Change PCI's Encryption Rules

Evan Schuman writes on StorefrontBacktalk:

Bill Homa, who just stepped down July 1 as the CIO for the 165-store Hannaford grocery chain, considers Microsoft's OS to be "so full of holes" and describes the fact that current PCI regs do not require end-to-end encryption as "astonishing."

But Homa's key point is that most retailers handle security backwards: Don't pour everything in protecting the frontdoor. Assume they'll get through and have a plan to control them once they're inside.

One of the most frustrating IT security realities in retail today is the quintessential oxymoron: the more serious the CIO is about keeping data secure and the more sophisticated a defense is deployed, the more points of vulnerability emerge.

More here.


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