Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Life and Background of Terry Childs

Jaxon Van Derbeken writes in The San Francisco Chronicle:

Prosecutors portray Terry Childs as an unstable, power-mad computer engineer who held hostage the San Francisco city network he had built and awaited its destruction as revenge on bosses he saw as inferiors.

To Childs' friends, some former colleagues and his younger brother, that view doesn't remotely resemble the 43-year-old Kansas native they know: a reliable, self-made professional who overcame a troubled childhood and a stint in state prison that started when he was just a teenager.

After years of study and hard work, they say, he landed a job building a network that handled San Francisco's payroll documents, law enforcement records and other sensitive information. He spent his nights and weekends building a system that he wanted to protect, not tear down, his defenders say.

All well and good, prosecutors counter. But why won't he simply come clean about everything he has done? What about the menacing encounters with bosses at work?

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At Sun Aug 03, 04:12:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's really odd about this case is that the management of the San Francisco Department of Telecommunications and Information Services, who is claiming that Terry Childs failed to divulge information that would allow them to administer the routers is under investigation for 'willful official misconduct' failing to disclose public information to the public as per the city's Sunshine Ordinance! The difference is that while the DTIS department managers have defied the various proceedings, even going as far as ignoring mandatory appearances and failing to respond, they aren't in jail and Terry Childs is...

I very much hope that someone is digging deeper into the management of the San Francisco DTIS department because something is clearly not right with the department responsible for securing the network over which confidential information regarding San Francisco citizens is travelling.


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