Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Local: Morgan Hill City Website Hacked

Natalie Everett writes in The Gilroy Dispatch:

Morgan Hill's official city Web site has been hacked three times in the past three months, most recently this weekend.

As a result of one such attack, a link in the site's What's New section took users to a blank page with the single word: "hacker."

Aside from this signature, the hacking of the city's web site has mostly consisted of information removed, or even replaced with gibberish. The hardest-hit parts of the site are the more frequently updated sections, like What's New and council and redevelopment agency agendas.

City officials have had enough.

So what's the city doing to remedy the problem? They're changing web hosts, from San Martin-based South Valley Internet to Manhattan, Kansas-based Civic Plus, a server specializing in municipal Web sites, and will unveil a $33,000 new site with upgraded security features on the new host in August.

More here.

Note: Good for the City of Morgan Hill -- now if only other California local government agencies (or any other municipality or local government around the U.S.) would follow suit and get a bit more "security focused"... - ferg

Image source: The Gilroy Dispatch


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