Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Black Hat: Why It Is Probably Overrated

So you've probably heard me mention previously that I won't be in Vegas for Black Hat or DefCon this year -- and here's why: Yawn.

First: I hate Vegas.

Second: I will know everything the attendees know, on the same day, in the same detail, and without attending. And probably in more detail -- because most attendees are afraid to actually network because of roaming threats. But that's another issue altogether. Plus, I actually know most of these guys anyways. :-)

Third: The attendees at Black Hat and DefCon just aren't in my professional "social circle", but aside from that, there's just not real "fun factor" there for me. Blah.

Fourth: It's a great boondoggle, but I just really didn't feel like attending this year. The crowds will be larger, the "Lulz" factor will be higher. No thanks.

But for those attending: Have fun! Have a couple of tequila shooters for me. :-)

I'll be back here battling cyber thieves and others menaces. As usual.

- ferg


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