Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Estonia Hosts Georgian Websites to Halt Hackers

An AP newswire article, via SFGate.com, reports that:

The government of Estonia is temporarily hosting the Web sites of Georgia's central bank and Foreign Ministry to try to protect them from cyber attacks, officials said Tuesday.

Georgia has transferred key Web sites to servers in other countries, including Poland and France, after some came under attack following the outbreak of war with Russia, the state-run Estonian Informatics Center said.

"This is a way to help Georgia make their Web pages visible to the world," said Katrin Pargmae, a spokeswoman for the Estonian center. Estonia is also hosting a Georgian English-language news portal.

Estonia has experience coping with similar attacks: Its government and private sector Web sites were targeted in May 2007, just days after the Baltic state decided to relocate a Soviet war memorial and grave, angering Estonia's ethnic Russian minority and neighboring Russia.

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