Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Security Researchers' Accounts Ransacked in Embarrasing 'Hacklash'

Dan Goodin writes on The Register:

On Sunday morning, security consultant Alan Schimel woke to discover that his personal blog, which is frequented by countless peers and reporters, was pointing to a website featuring explicit gay porn. Equally disturbing, he found someone had cracked open his Yahoo! Mail account and aired sensitive documents he filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Oh, and while the miscreants were at it, they sent crude pornographic images to parents on the Little League baseball team Schimel coached.

The chief strategy officer for security firm StillSecure, Schimel is one of three high-profile researchers in the security world known to have been attacked by unknown criminals over the past week. A personal Gmail account belonging to Petko D. Petkov, of the GNUCitizen ethical hacking collective, was ransacked and 2GB of its contents made public. And logs believed to come from the home blog of researcher Tom Ferris have also been exposed.

More here.

Note: Actually, pdp (Petko D. Petkov) denies that his Gmail account was compromised. -ferg


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