Friday, August 08, 2008

UK Cabinet: Cyber Attacks By China And Russia Threaten To Bring Britain To A Grinding Halt

James Chapman writes in The Daily Mail:

Cyber attacks on Government computer systems and vital parts of the economy have become one of the greatest threats to national security, an official report disclosed yesterday.

The Government confirmed for the first time that a series of electronic assaults on official and private sector databases have already been carried out and are continuing.

Though the Cabinet Office report did not identify who carried out the 'well-resourced and sophisticated attacks', Whitehall sources disclosed that China is suspected of state-sponsored espionage.

Beijing has issued furious denials that it was engaged in such practices and the timing of yesterday's warning is particularly sensitive, coming on the opening day of the Olympics.

But intelligence officials fear there is clear evidence China is mounting an aggressive push to establish 'electronic dominance' over its global rivals.

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