Monday, August 04, 2008

Verified Identity Pass: CLEAR Suspended Following Laptop Theft - UPDATE


Verified Identity Pass, which operates under the brand name Clear, was suspended by the Transportation Security Administration Monday after a laptop containing personal information for 33,000 people signing up for their registered traveler program was stolen from San Francisco International Airport.

The company is in the process of notifying the people, who were signing up for an expedited airport check-in service, that their personal information may have been stolen.

Officials said a laptop containing the data was stolen from a locked office at the airport. The information on the laptop was not encrypted. There was no credit card data or any social security numbers stored on the laptop, but there were names, addresses and other personal data.

Verified Identity Pass will not be able to enroll new customers into the registered traveler program until the TSA verifies that the company is compliant with security procedures.

More here.

Hat-tip: Pogo Was Right

UPDATE: 13:03 PDT, 5 August 2008: Apparently, Verified Identity Pass now says they have recovered the missing PC, but there some rather disturbing questions remain. -ferg


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