Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RCMP, Counter-Espionage Agency Probing Fake Harper e-Mails

Via CBC News.

The RCMP and Canada's electronic counter-espionage agency have been called in to investigate after someone sent out two fake e-mails under the name of Stephen Harper to subscribers of the prime minister's website mailing list.

The notes were sent over the weekend to an e-mail address that automatically distributes messages to people who have signed on to the Prime Minister's Office mailing list.

One of the messages, entitled "Why you shouldn't fear me," begins with the greeting "Hi The Average Canadian, Stephen Harper wanted to tell you…"

The e-mail then claims Harper's goal is "to make Canada America's 51st state and destroy health care that all Canadians cherish by infusing my propaganda with hard-core ad hominem attacks [attacks on someone's character]."

"Please vote for me, because if you do, I promise you'll be able to vote for McCain 2012!" the message reads.

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