Saturday, September 27, 2008

So, Where Are Esthosts/Estdomains Now?

Via Spyware Sucks.

Let's take a look-see at where Intercage/Atrivo's most infamous client, esthosts/estdomains, are situated - using Domaintools, and bfk-de, and a smattering of Sam Spade 1.14. I'm not using Robtex that much because I get the sense that, sometimes, its data is behind the times and it should be noted that by the time this article goes live, things may have changed again. I think the hardest part of writing about this stuff is not doing the research per se, but rather, trying to distill the information down into a format that is half-way possible to understand.

In summary, what do we see? Well, it looks like Esthosts/Estdomains have come to rest in Russia and Amsterdam. I also note that their infamous ex-host Intercage (who are, apparently, still off the air) continue to have some involvement with Esthost/Estdomains via ( is the WHOIS privacy service Estdomains created to replace Directi's PrivacyProtect service) and Cernel. I was also interested to note that Domaintools reports that the SSL Certificate for and are both ""...

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