Saturday, September 20, 2008

This American Life: 419 Baiters

I was listening to an recent episode (which originally aired 12 Sept. 2008) (this afternoon while running some errands) of the always entertaining This American Life -- on my local NPR station -- about some "419 Baiters".

As described on the This American Life website, in this episode contains "...stories about people who take the law into their own hands, even when the line between enforcing the rules and breaking them gets kind of hazy."

Also mentioned: 419 Eater

This was a really interesting episode, and given my line of work, especially entertaining.

You can find the entire episode online here at the This American Life website.

Bonus: Uzodinma Okpechi - "I Go Chop Your Dollar", via YouTube.


- ferg

Image source: BBC - Radio 2 - The Jeremy Vine Show


At Mon Jun 13, 07:50:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was and still is the funniest segment on the show..


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