Thursday, October 16, 2008

FBI Says Dark Market Sting Netted 56 Arrests

Robert McMillan writes on PC World:

A two-year undercover FBI sting operation targeting online fraudsters has netted 56 arrests and prevented millions of dollars in economic losses, the FBI said Thursday.

The FBI said it had infiltrated online "carder" forums hosted on the Web site, which was widely used by online scammers to buy and sell stolen credit card numbers, other financial information, and even the devices used to make fake banking cards. Before it was shut down earlier this month, the Web site had registered more than 2,500 members.

The FBI ran its sting in cooperation with the U.K.'s Serious Organized Crime Agency and authorities in Turkey and Germany. "The arrests this week in the U.K. are a good demonstration of the coordination taking place today between the FBI, the Serious Organized Crime Agency... and other law enforcement agencies around the globe," FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director Shawn Henry said Thursday in a statement.

In addition to the drawing the 56 arrests, the sting helped the FBI seize compromised accounts and prevent the loss of about US$70 million in fraud, the FBI said. It has also generated new leads that are being tracked down by international law enforcement.

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