Thursday, October 30, 2008

ICANN Targeting Notorious Domain Name Seller

Ryan Singel writes on Threat Level:

The net's authority over domain names is set to pull the plug on an Estonia-based seller of domain names that security researchers say has been a refuge for cyber-criminals for years.

ICANN told the EstDomains on Tuesday that it was revoking its accreditation since it learned the company's president Vladimir Tsastin had been convicted in February in Estonia for online credit card fraud and money laundering.

The Tuesday notice said that ICANN, which controls the distribution of the net's names and IP addresses, was immediately freezing EstDomain's ability to register new domain names and looking to find stewards for the 281,000 domain names that EstDomains manages.

ICANN put the action on hold on Wednesday, however, to investigate EstDomain's immediate appeal, which claimed that it had changed its CEO months ago without telling anyone.

Security experts have long accused EstDomains of being too friendly with online criminals, including the ultra-professional Russian Business Network.

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