Tuesday, October 14, 2008

National Cybersecurity Initiative R&D Effort Launched

Ben Bain writes on FCW.com:

The government officially has begun to formulate a national research and development agenda for “game-changing ideas" as part of the multiyear, multibillion-dollar, governmentwide effort to secure cyberspace through the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI).

The National Science Foundation today issued a request for information initiating the National Cyber Leap Year. The Leap Year is meant to seek “the most promising game-changing ideas with the potential to reduce vulnerabilities to cyber exploitations by altering the cybersecurity landscape,” according to the RFI. The project aims to formulate an integrated national approach to making “cyberspace safe for the American way of life.”

Specifically, the project has the dual goals of forming a national research and development agenda that identifies the most promising technologies and how to bring them to fruition and to “jump-start game-changing, multidisciplinary efforts.” The Leap Year will run during fiscal 2009.

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