Wednesday, October 08, 2008

U.S. Commerce Dept. Asks The World to Comment on Its Plans to Retain Control of The Root

Milt Mueller writes on the IGP Blog:

The U.S. Commerce Department used its presence at a French conference on the “Internet of things” to announce that it will hold a public consultation on the different proposals to digitally encrypt the DNS root zone file, so that it can serve as the trust anchor for global DNSSEC implementation. The call for public comment will be released later this week. The announcement was made by NTIA's Meredith Attwell Baker, who encouraged other governments to participate in the domestic US proceeding.

The announcement occurred after NTIA prevented ICANN, the supposedly independent, global, "bottom up" administrator of the DNS, to hold its own public consultation. Also, DoC says it is awaiting a proposal from ICANN regarding “automation” of certain root functions. ICANN's Paul Twomey, who was on the same panel, declined comment on anything NTIA said; apparently the gag order still holds.

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