Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ID Thieves Hit Federal Credit Unions, Consumers

Richard Adhikari writes on

An international identity theft ring is being accused of stealing funds from the credit unions for the U.S. Senate, Navy, Pentagon and State Department, while also having separately made off with millions from consumers' home equity lines of credit.

Several arrests have already been made in a case that has prompted U.S. attorneys in several states to join forces with the FBI, the Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspectors and local police departments to hunt the crooks, according to Department of Justice (DoJ) officials.

So far, four men in three states have been arrested on charges of engaging in an international conspiracy relating to the theft of money from home equity lines of credit.

The suspects are Derrick Polk, 45, of Los Angeles. Calif.; Oludola Akinmola, 37, and Oladeji Craig, 39, both of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Oluwajide Ogunbiyi, 32, of Springfield, Ill., according to the DoJ's Public Affairs Office for the district of New Jersey.

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