Monday, November 17, 2008

McColo -- Who Was Behind It?

Via The Threat Expert Blog.

Last week we all witnessed the shutdown of the hosting provider McColo that was widely known for its affiliation with cyber criminals.

An attempt to understand what McColo business was and who stood behind it led to some interesting discoveries.

According to the evidence mined from multiple underground forums, McColo company was established by a 19-year old Moscow student. His name was Nikolai and his nickname was Kolya-McColo - hence, the name of his "business".

Nikolai, the founder of McColo, died in a tragic accident in September 2007 during the drag racing on the streets of Moscow. At the time of the accident, he was in the car with his friend Jux. Their car has crashed into the pole at the speed of 200 Km/h - it was virtually torn in half...

More here.

Image source: Threat Expert Blog

See also: The Lexsi-CERT Blog entry 'McColo Exposed'.


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