Thursday, December 25, 2008

At Least 50,000 UAE Computers 'Infected'

Via Arabian Business.

More than 50,000 computers in the UAE are infected with “spyware” programmes that can be used to steal personal details and other personal data, a US-based internet security firm has revealed.

The figure represents an increase of almost 150 per cent in the past year but could be much bigger, according to Trend Micro.

The UAE is particularly at risk from cybercriminals because it has a tradition of ethical and trust-based business dealings, said Ian Cochrane, the company’s director of marketing in Dubai in comments published by UAE daily The National on Friday.

The wealthy Gulf region also has the world’s fastest-growing rate of internet penetration, making it additionally attractive to criminals, he added.

Gulf countries are a huge challenge for internet security firms because of the region’s tradition of honour in business, Mr Cochrane told the paper.

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