Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Earth: Population To Be 6.75B on New Year's Day

Via The Times of India.

The world's population on New Year's Day is set to reach 6.75bn, a German group that encourages birth control said on Tuesday.

The World Population Foundation of Germany said the planet's human population rose by 82m this year and according to its estimates, the world population on Jan 1 would reach 6,751,643,600.

The Hanover-based group said almost all the growth in numbers was in developing nations, where women faced multiple pregnancies whether they wanted them or not because contraception was not available.

Resources, education and health care were in short supply in those nations because of rising population, the foundation said.

A child born today in Germany can expect to live 79 years on average, but an African can only expect 54 years.

"If we want to tackle poverty at the source, we have to help women avoid unwanted pregnancy," said Renate Baehr, the secretary of the foundation. "We have to spend more on sex education and contraception."

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