Saturday, December 27, 2008

Middle East Submarine Cable SMW-4 Cut Again After Being Restored

Via The Jordan Times.

Internet users in the Kingdom and elsewhere in the region are expected to continue experiencing slower services as repair teams continue their attempts to fix cut cables in the Mediterranean.

Raslan Diranieh, chief financial officer of the Jordan Telecom Group (JTG), said that a few hours after SMW-4 Internet cable which links the Kingdom to the International Internet Network was fixed, it experienced another cut on Saturday.

“The mother company was supposed to complete repairing SMW-3 and SMW-4 on Saturday… but SMW-4, which is one of the Jordan’s main providers, was broken again,” Diranieh told The Jordan Times, adding that JTG has received no further information on when the line would be refixed.

Internet users in the country have experienced slower connection to the World Wide Web over the past eight days due to breaks in three submarine cables linking Europe and the Middle East.

The cut occurred in the SMW-3, SMW-4 and FLAG lines, the latter two of which link the Kingdom to the global network.

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