Sunday, December 07, 2008

Report: 21M German Bank Account Details On Black Market

An AFP article, via, reports that:

The details of bank accounts held by 21 million Germans are for sale on the black market for 12 million euros (15 million dollars), a German magazine reported Saturday.

In an investigative report, two reporters for the Wirtschaftswoche magazine met last month with two individuals, arranged through an intermediary, who offered to sell a CD-ROM containing the names, addresses, bank name and account numbers of 21 million people, the magazine said.

"We took away with us the first delivery, a CD with 1.2 million accounts, that we couldn't imagine," said the editors in charge of the investigation, which has caused an uproar in Germany.

The economic weekly has given authorities the file, which supposedly would allow someone to commit fraud on a large scale.

More here.

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