Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Russians Track Crippled U.S. Spy Satellite

A Space.com article by Leonard David, via MSNBC.com, reports that:

Even in the vacuum of outer space, it's hard to keep the sound of a secret quiet.

The U.S. Air Force apparently has a malfunctioning Defense Support Program satellite on its hands. DSP-23 is one piece of a constellation of such Earth-staring satellites designed to detect missile launchings and nuclear detonations, and gather other technical intelligence.

DSP-23 seems to be drifting out of its high-altitude slot — and might prove troublesome to other high-value satellites in that populated area.

One person who has flagged the problem to a U.S. satellite tracking expert is a Russian space analyst — a project partner of the International Space Observation Network, or ISON for short.

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