Thursday, December 04, 2008

Security at the IGF: Just Give Me the Money

Michel van Eeten writes on the IGP Blog:

Day two at the IGF.

Day two focuses on cybersecurity, meaning the main sessions are devoted to it. After the first session, I heard a participant say: “I know nothing about Internet security, but I didn’t hear anything new.” That about sums it up. It was depressing, frankly.

All presentations, from people related to different CSIRTs, ITU and Cisco, were rehashed arguments that we have been hearing for years. Their slides could have been made in 2005 and no one would have noticed. The storyline is all too familiar: cybercrime is exploding and therefore we need more collaboration, more CSRITs, more education, more international cooperation among law enforcement, more sharing of information, et cetera.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. This type of story marries an alarmist diagnosis to a set of answers that do nothing to remedy the alarmist diagnosis.

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