Saturday, December 13, 2008

South Africa: Cops Reel in Greedy Hackers

Via The Mercury.

A syndicate of Internet thieves has stolen more than R400-million [roughly $39,705,000 U.S. -ferg] from government departments, including the Presidency.

Two computer identity-theft hackers, believed to be the masterminds of the cyber gang, were nabbed by the police this week.

These follow the earlier arrests of 13 people involved in stealing millions of rands from government departments and employees across the country.

The syndicate allegedly hacked into computer systems linked to the Presidency using specialised spy software (spyware) programs.

The Internet-based syndicate, which had operatives in banks and government departments, is alleged to be behind the theft of R400-million from bank accounts of the departments of Home Affairs and Public Works, the licensing department, several parastatals and financial institutions, as well as from staff working in the various organisations over the past two years.

The syndicate, the members of which have been arrested over the past month, was bust during an operation conducted by the South African Police Service's Covert Intelligence Collective Directorate and the Commercial Crime Unit.

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At Sun Dec 14, 01:32:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just goes to show, just how law less South Africa is becoming, criminality is becoming common place even when I look around, I see now not only mini busses breaking every road rule, but just about every one else as well. Just about everybody complains about corruption in SAPS and does not trust them or rely on them anymore. Even the governments own people have no more faith and trust in them any more and instead of showing a sense of , they smile in there faces one moment then when they turn their backs, stab them in the back. No body feels safe in there own homes any more, no body gives a crap and everyone are so wind up like a spring that they are like a time bomb waiting to happen. The hacking of the major government departments of Home Affairs and Public Works as well as licensing department just goes to prove more and more people in South Africa are welcoming and adapting a criminal mentality. For them this has become acceptable and the norm now. If I look at the history of Zimbabwe, South Africa is heading the very same way, but at an accelerated pace. There are no bad “men” only those turned bad because the system has failed them. If you going to tell people what to do, then you had better lead by example and practice what you preach else if the system fails good “men” then if they “man” enough they do what they want.

At Sun Dec 14, 09:58:00 PM PST, Anonymous Scared said...

I agree with you anonymous. I am a (not so proud) South African, and I agree with everything you said.

South African is really becoming very lawless and a scary place to live in. It is dangerous to be outside alone, since any people get mugged and robbed, raped and murdered just walking alone.

I also agree with your comments regarding the leadership of the country and heading in the same direction as Zim.

At this stage all we can do is hope.

At Sun Dec 14, 10:01:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear blog owner

I made a mistake in my comment, can please change the Scared S to Scared South African :)



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