Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Microsoft Patches 'Super Nasty' Windows Bugs

Gregg Keizer writes on ComputerWorld:

Microsoft Corp. today patched three vulnerabilities in the company's Server Message Block (SMB) file-sharing protocal, including two that could make "swiss cheese" out of enterprise networks, according to one researcher.

"This is super nasty," said Eric Schultze, the chief technology officer at Shavlik Technologies LLC, who also called today's update "super critical" as he rang the alarm. "Expect to see a worm on this one in the very near future, [because] this is Blaster and Sasser all over again."

Those two worms, 2003's Blaster and 2004's Sasser, wreaked havoc worldwide as they spread to millions of Windows machines.

Of the three bugs outlined in the MS09-001 security bulletin, two were rated "critical," the most serious ranking in Microsoft's four-step scoring system, while the third was pegged "moderate."

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