Tuesday, February 03, 2009

FBI Investigates $9 Million ATM Scam

John Deutzman writes on MyFOXNY.com:

A Fox 5 investigation exposes a worldwide ATM scam that swindled $9 million and possibly jeopardized sensitive information from people around the world. Law enforcement sources told Fox 5 it's one of the most frightening well-coordinated heists they've ever seen.

Photos from security video obtained by Fox 5 show of a small piece of a huge scam that took place all in one day in a matter of hours. According to the FBI , ATMs from 49 cities were hit -- including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Moscow and Hong Kong.

"We've seen similar attempts to defraud a bank through ATM machines but not, not anywhere near the scale we have here," FBI Agent Ross Rice told Fox 5.

More here.

Hat-tip: Office of Inadequate Security

Note: More here on Threat Level.


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