Thursday, February 19, 2009

Former CIA Officer Describes Retribution for Whistle Blowing

Jeff Stein writes on the CQ Polictics "SpyTalk" Blog:

Ilana Sara Greenstein, a highly praised CIA operations officer for six years until quitting in disgust in 2008, says she was punished for complaining about gross mismanagement in the agency's Baghdad station, which CIA censors are still trying to suppress.

"What I witnessed there was nothing short of disastrous--operationally and ethically," says Greenstein, who in 2005 was cited by the U.S. military command in Baghdad for work that "directly saved lives"--the only CIA staff employee to be so honored.

Greenstein's complaints about Baghdad station not only went unanswered, she alleges, she was punished by CIA managers whom she had singled out for criticism. And now, CIA censors are trying to suppress a book she is writing about her experience, she says.

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