Sunday, February 08, 2009

German Federal Armed Forces Develop 'Cyberwar Unit'

BabelFish translation of an article.

The German Federal Armed Forces develop at present allegedly a “Cyberwar unit”, which do not only protect the own IT-infrastructure against attacks, but also investigations and manipulations on strange computers and/or “in opposing nets” would drive through are. After information mirror exists the troop of several dozen in Rhine brook with Bonn kasernierten graduate of computer science of the German Federal Armed Forces universities. At present - so that Hamburg news magazines - the “hackers practice in uniform”, fully still operationally should them only in the next year be.

Organizational the top secret unit is assigned and by Brigadier General Friedrich Wilhelm Kriesel is led allegedly to the command strategic clearing-up. With the German Federal Armed Forces so far no statement was to be gotten to the report. After the Basic Law the German defense army may not notice tasks in the interior, however there are plans since longer to eliminate this prohibition.

World-wide the experts argue whether a term is correct such as Cyberwar, because there are no dead ones and injured ones in such a war, on the other hand one however apparent exists agreement over the fact that the protection against such threats ranks among the tasks of the armed forces of a country. And even if the Cyberattacke on Estonia did not go through afterwards as “war”, then meanwhile each state, which operates a substantial electronic IT-infrastructure, takes potenzielle threats by Cyberattacken seriously.

More here (auf deutsch).

Hat-tip: Slashdot

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