Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goodbye, Blockbuster. Hello, Netflix.

The only thing Blockbuster had going for it was the neat-o, convenient feature where you could return your "by mail" rentals for free in-store replacements when you returned in person, instead of by mail -- and now they have gone and screwed that up, too.

I was kind of wondering why the guy at my local Blockbuster muttered to me last week that (paraphrased) " won't get the next DVD in your queue until you return this one..." -- referring to my in-store exchange selection.

Now I know.

They deviously changed their policy, and -- oh yeah, they didn't bother notify their subscribers. Their customers.

Isn't there a law against that or something?

No matter -- I have now canceled my online, by mail DVD rental subscription to Blockbuster, and subscribed to Netflix. It's cheaper anyways.

I'll keep my Blockbuster card, just in case I want to drop in sometime and pick up a DVD in person, but they just lost another customer due to idiot business practices and for their own stupidity.


- ferg


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