Sunday, March 01, 2009

UK: Medical Records of Gordon Brown and Alex Salmond 'Hacked'

Mark Aitken writes on The Sunday Mail:

A hacker attack on the health records of Gordon Brown and Alex Salmond has sparked a huge security alert.

Confidential computer files on the Prime Minister and Holyrood's First Minister were illegally targeted along with the records of scores of other high-profile Scots.

We can reveal former Labour leader Jack McConnell and his culture chief wife Bridget have also had their sensitive files hacked.

BBC stars, including newsreader Jackie Bird, and Old Firm footballers have also been victims.

The breach was discovered on a national database called the Emergency Care Summary system, which holds the details of 2.5million people in Scotland.

It contains personal data such as names, ages, addresses, current medication and any adverse reactions to prescribed medicines.

More here.


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