Tuesday, April 14, 2009

EU: Britain Must Act On 'Spyware' or Face Legal Action, Warns Brussels

Via The Mail.

The privacy of British internet users is so at risk from software that monitors every click that the EU has threatened legal action against ministers for failing to act.

Phorm software builds up a personal profile of each user's interests and shopping habits. Broadband suppliers then sell this to advertisers, enabling them to target individuals more effectively.

The Government has backed the system in the face of repeated complaints, but Brussels officials are furious at what they see as a failure to follow EU rules.

Sending marketing or advertising material without an individual's 'prior consent' is banned under a 2002 EU computer privacy directive, which the Government signed up to.

BT faced fierce criticism last year when it emerged that it had secretly tested the Phorm system on 36,000 broadband customers.

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