Friday, April 03, 2009

FBI Raids Dallas Internet Service Provider Core IP

Robert McMillan writes on PC World:

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have raided a Dallas ISP, knocking the company and almost 50 of its clients offline.

The early morning Thursday raid closed down the operations of Core IP Networks, which operated out of two floors of a Telx collocation facility at 2323 Bryan Street in Dallas. The raid had to do with the activities of a former customer, according to Matthew Simpson, Core IP's CEO. "The FBI is investigating a company that has purchased services from Core IP in the past," he wrote in a note posted to a Google Sites page. "This company does not even collocate with us anywhere, much less 2323 Bryan Street Datacenter."

He did not name the company that is allegedly at the center of the FBI investigation.

FBI spokesman Mark White confirmed that agents had executed a search warrant at the 2323 Bryan Street address on Thursday, but declined to comment further on the matter.

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