Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quote of The Day: Simon Hunt

"I moved to the USA from England a few years ago, and, one of the things I was not expecting was the sudden removal of my good credit record. If you’ve not made a transatlantic move, you might be surprised to know that your credit rating does not cross over with you. I speculate for some that could be a good thing, but for most (including myself), probably not. In my case I went from the equivalent of a 810 in USA terms to sub 600 - which I’m lead to believe is less than most high school kids, and also less than some people who’ve been repeatedly bankrupt. In fact, my score on arrival was so bad I was refused credit at Rooms-To-Go, after getting my score they would not even take a personal check from me. Rooms-To-Go has standards after all."

- Simon Hunt, commenting on the perilously horrible state of banking & e-commerce security in the U.S.


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