Saturday, June 13, 2009

U.S. Developer: China's Green Dam Steals Our Code

Richard Koman writes on ZDNet Government:

This Green Dam story just keeps getting weirder. First, China issues this mandate that all new PCs will have to have software called Green Dam-Youth Escort preinstalled. It’s claimed the software is just a porn filter, even though China runs the powerful Great Firewall of China, already.

Then researchers reported that the software’s data files contain long lists of political keywords. A lawsuit was filed in China to stop the edict.

Now, net nanny developer Solid Oak says Green Dam includes pieces of its Cybersitter software, apparently purloined by Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co., the government-aligned developer. This has been confirmed by University of Michigan researchers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Solid Oak says it will go to U.S. court to stop computer makers from shipping with Green Dam.

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At Sat Jun 20, 04:51:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, "preinstall" in Chinese actually means "bundle". Take this 6/12 ZDNet article citing WSJ for example:

The end users were never required to install or run Green Dam. As to what Green Dam will filter, it is configuable by the user.

How this is twisted into censorhip by NYT and a handfull of bloggers is beyond me - anti-sinoism perhaps?


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