Sunday, July 19, 2009

Identified: Leader of Chinese Hacker Group That Planned DDoS Attack on CNN in 2008

Via The Dark Visitor.

In April of 2008, we reported Revenge of the Flame’s plan to carry out a DDoS attack on the CNN website. A series of events during that time period enraged the Chinese online community: European nations harshly criticized China’s response to the Tibetan uprising; pro-Tibetan independence protesters in Paris tried to snatch the Olympic torch from the hands of a wheelchair-bound Chinese female athlete; and Jack Cafferty, a CNN commentator, referred to Chinese products as “junk” and called the Chinese government “goons and thugs.” In response to these insults, Anti-CNN called for overseas Chinese in Europe to wave the Chinese flag and raise their voice to the sky.

In response to these same events, a hacker, using the online name cn_magistrate, formed a group called Revenge of the Flame and announced his plan to carry out a DDoS attack on the CNN website. We followed the events as calls went out for Chinese netizens to join the action. We were there when cn_magistrate called off the attack and disbaned the organization. Then he vanished…

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