Thursday, September 10, 2009

AusCERT: Cyber Crime Levels Are 'Pandemic'

Ben Grubb writes on

The head of Australia's computer emergency response team AusCERT stood before a Federal Government Inquiry into Cybercrime today, seeking both to highlight the pressing need for a national response to the problem whilst simultaneously defending his organisation's role as the nation's first line of defence.

AusCERT general manager Graham Ingram told the Cybercrime Inquiry today that it was impossible to defend Australia's computer systems without a nationally-coordinated approach.

“I’m not here to sell you ... the latest product that’s going to fix the internet,” Mr Ingram told the Standing Committee. "What I’m going to explain to you is where all of this is heading," he said.

Mr Ingram explained to the Federal Government how cybercrime required the full support of the nation and not just law enforcement agencies “because law enforcement agencies cannot address this issue," he said.

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