Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Australian Government Legalises Network Interception

An AAP newswire article, via ZDNet Australia, reports that:

Australia's laws are to be amended to make clear that network operators can undertake network protection activities without breaching telecommunications interception laws.

Information on computer networks could be extremely valuable to cyber-criminals and those who managed security of such networks had an important role in defending against criminal and malicious activities, Attorney-General Robert McClelland said today.

Presently network operators could undertake protective activities once a communication became accessible from a computer server, or at an earlier point with the consent of those using the network, he said.

But as attacks became more sophisticated, there was an increasing need for operators to defend at the earliest point. However, in the absence of knowledge of users, such protection activities were a technical breach of the telecommunication interception legislation.

McClelland said consent could be readily obtained from internal network users, but external users would not be aware their communications were being monitored.

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