Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Google Robbed By 'Bahama' Botnet

Thomas Claburn writes on InformationWeek:

The "Bahama botnet," a collection of thousands of compromised computers that has been defrauding online advertisers lately, has also been stealing revenue from Google.

Beyond its efforts to cash in on fraudulent clicks, the botnet has been acting as "a sort of perverted Robin Hood," according to Click Forensics, an online ad auditing company. It robs from the rich -- Google, for instance -- and gives to the scammers and to the ad networks that don't care about Web traffic legitimacy.

The botnet relies on malware distributed through fake antivirus scams to take over more computers. Compromised PCs have their DNS settings secretly changed, an attack known as DNS poisoning. Thereafter, attempts to reach, say, on a compromised computer lead to a fake Google site that presents ads from which Google derives no benefit.

As a Click Forensics blog post scheduled for publication on Thursday explains, "When a user with an infected machine performs a search on what they think is, the query actually goes to the Canadian computer, which pulls real search results directly from Google, fiddles with them a bit, and displays them to the searcher. Now the searcher is looking at a page that looks exactly like the Google search results page, but it's not."

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