Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Russian Police And Internet Registry Accused Of Aiding Cyber Crime

Via eWeek Europe.

Amsterdam-based Internet registry organisation RIPE NCC has been singled out for its involvement with notorious criminal network provider Russian Business Network (RBN) by the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The registrar took money from the well-known criminal organisation, and subsequently corruption in the Russian police allowed the network's organisers to escape SOCA's clutches according to Andy Auld, head of intelligence for the agency's e-crime department, speaking at the RSA Conference Europe security event this week in London.

RIPE NCC denies any wrong-doing and Auld explain that the registrar wasn't actually being investigated for its involvement with RBN - but as the registry body had accepted payment from the Russian criminal organisation, it could be seen by some as having been complicit in criminal activities, he said.

"An entity like Russian Business Network - a criminal ISP and recognised as such by just about every media outlet worldwide that covers these things - RBN was registered as local internet registry with RIPE, the European body allocating IP resources to industry," explained Auld.

The SOCA officer argued that any company that does business with a known cyber-criminal organisation such as RBN could itself be open to accusations of acting illegally.

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