Sunday, November 08, 2009

SCADA Security: Abuse of Objective Mailing List Abuse

Sure, sometimes people don't like contrarian opinions.

And sure, sometimes there are intelligent arguments that are created by opposing opinions.

But it is another thing entirely to control a mailing list, and censor contrary opinions, which discussed critical SCADA infrastructure and selectively choose which posts to publish, and which ones do not get published.

Yet that is exactly what is happening with the SCADAsec Mailing list, being operated out of Australia.

Cry Foul.

The folks that run this list need to (a) own up to their financial interests in running that mailing list, (b) explain their rationale for "moderating" posts which do not align with their corporate interests, and (c) provide complete transparency in their objectives in the running th mailing list in the first place.

In fact, I will be prodding the U.S. Government to run a new list that will absorb this context.

Everything was going fine until we reached this "issue" wherein 60 Minutes ran their story this week on the Brazilian electrical system disturbances.

I made several comments that did not reference the SCADA Security issues, but rather the fact that cyber criminals are indeed being successful on other fronts.

My comments were censored.

Now, I fight back.

- ferg

p.s. Corporate protectionists, I'm coming after you. Be warned.