Thursday, December 24, 2009

California Office of Information Security Wins $4.7 Million Grant

Russel Nichols writes on

As the number of stolen Social Security numbers rise and computer hackers continue to breach restricted databases that contain personal information, California's Office of Information Security received a crucial last-minute gift this holiday season to help improve cyber-security.

The California Emergency Management Agency awarded the office $4.7 million in U.S. Department of Homeland Security grants for cyber-security projects. The federal funding will help Teri Takai, the state's CIO, and her team conduct a statewide cyber-security risk assessment. The goal is to create a standardized assessment framework across all state agencies and streamline all IT operations.

Part of the grant will also go toward the Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Project, which will upgrade the current infrastructure to improve protection for state Web sites and guard against cyber-hackers.

The remaining $1 million in the grant will be used for statewide digital mapping system, which will use GIS and plot critical infrastructures and key resources on a common map to improve emergency management and responses across the state.

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