Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China's Baidu Sues U.S. Domain Registrar After Hack

Owen Fletcher writes on PC World:

Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com has sued its U.S. domain registrar over a hack that took down the Web site, alleging negligence by the U.S. company, Baidu said Wednesday.

Users had trouble accessing Baidu.com for several hours last week after the company's domain name server in the U.S. was tampered with. The Iranian Cyber Army, the same group that took down Twitter last month, also appeared to be behind the attack on Baidu.

Baidu's lawsuit, filed in a court in New York, seeks related damages and alleges "gross negligence" by Register.com led to the service disruption, Baidu said in a statement. Baidu only said Baidu.com was hit by the outage, and that mirror site Baidu.com.cn had not been affected. Domain service providers including Register.com provide the setup needed to take Internet users to the correct Web site when they type a domain name like Baidu.com.

No one at Register.com was available to comment.



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