Thursday, January 14, 2010

SCADA Watch: U.S. Preps Cyber Outfit to Protect National Electric Grid

Michael Cooney writes on the NetworkWorld "Layer 8" Blog:

The US Department of Energy said it would spend $8.5 million to set up a "National Energy Sector Cyber Organization" that would help protect the nation's bulk power electric grid and help integrate smart grid technology with the electric grid.

The idea is to set up an independent national energy sector cyber security organization that would hopefully speed research, development and deployment priorities, including policies and protocols, the DOE stated.

Recently the DOE's acting assistant secretary, Patricia Hoffman stated: "The scope and nature of security threats and their potential impact on our national security require the ability to act quickly to protect the bulk power system and to protect sensitive information from public disclosure. At the same time, we must continue to build long-term programs that improve information sharing and awareness between the public and private energy sector.

"The electric system is not the Internet. It is a carefully tended and balanced system that is critical to the Nation and the people. We must continue to strive towards an electric system that can survive an intentional cyber assault with no loss of critical functions," she stated.

More here.

Note: Gee, somehow that doesn't make me feel any better at all. - ferg


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