Tuesday, February 02, 2010

UK: Conficker Cause of Greater Manchester Police Disconnection

Via The H Security.

The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have disconnected themselves from the Police National Computer (PNC) after an outbreak of the Conficker worm. According to a BBC report, the outbreak was identified on the GMP computer systems on Friday, 29th of January, and quickly spread through the force. Experts at the GMP took the decision to disconnect the GMP from the PNC to prevent further infestation.

Police officers in Manchester are currently calling neighbouring regional police forces to carry out name and vehicle checks on their behalf. Assistant Chief Constable Dave Thompson said "A team of experts is now working on removing the virus, and will not reconnect until we are sure there is no further threat". Thompson said it was unclear how the GMP computer systems were infected, but that they were investigating the issue and taking steps to prevent a re-occurrence.

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