Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FBI Lists Top 10 Posts in Cyber-Criminal Operations

Patrick Thibodeau writes on ComputerWorld:

Criminal hacker organizations are operating with increasing corporate-life efficiency, specialization and expertise, according to the FBI.

From a business perspective, these criminal enterprises are highly productive and staffed by dedicated people willing to operate worldwide, around the clock "without holidays, weekends or vacations," according to Steven Chabinsky, deputy assistant director in the FBI's cyber division. "As a result, when an opportunity presents itself these criminals can start planning within hours."

"The cyber underground now consist of subject matter experts that can focus all their time and energy on improving their techniques, their goods and services," Chabinsky told an audience today at the FOSE conference, a government IT trade show, held here.

During the presentation, Chabinsky presented a list of the top 10 positions in cyber crminal organizations.

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