Wednesday, March 03, 2010

RSA Panel: No Easy Solution for Zeus Trojan, Banking Malware

Marcia Savage writes on

The Zeus Trojan has been keeping David Shroyer up at night. The sneaky, ever-changing malware comes in many variants and is constantly finding ways to evade detection, said Shroyer, vice president of online security and enrollment at Bank of America.

"The complexity of the Trojan is what makes it so scary," he said during a panel discussion on banking malware Tuesday at the RSA Conference. New solutions to fight the threat can quickly become outdated, he added.

Bank of America does a lot of threat scoring; last year, phishing was the top threat facing its customers. But this year, in the wake of Zeus, "The customer endpoint has become the number one threat," he said.

Cybercriminals have been using the Zeus Trojan to steal online banking credentials, and researchers say the highly customizable and easily obtainable malware kit has proven to be particularly successful. Small and midsize businesses have been especially hard hit by online banking fraud triggered by password-stealing malware.

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