Monday, April 19, 2010

California Senate Moves On New Data Breach Law

George Hulme writes on InformationWeek:

With 2003's landmark data breach notification law, SB-1386, California set the tone for the wave of state breach notification laws that would follow. Today, more states have similar laws than don't. Last week, the California Senate approved SB-1166 which aims to add more detail to the existing law.

SB-1186, if signed in law, would require breach notification letters to shed more light on the nature of the breach affecting consumers. For instance, SB-1166 would require the letter include the type of information exposed, a description of the breach, and steps potential victims can take to mitigate risks.

Democratic California State Senator Joe Simitian, who authored SB-1186 and the original SB-1366, issued a statement detailing how the bill, should it become law, would strengthen California's existing law...

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